The Dixon Community Services is a not-for-profit community- based organization that provides crucial settlement services to recent immigrants in the Dixon corridor.DCS’s core value is rooted in the empowerment of recent immigrants and refugees so that these communities can become self-sustaining and confident in their new environment.


The basic aim of our programs is to provide needy immigrants with many of the essential services they require while also availing them of an opportunity to gain access to education and marketable skills, in an environment where they will be served with respect and dignity.

The specific objectives of the organization are:

-To act as a referral service and refer clients to appropriate avenues where their problems could be resolved in the areas of immigration, legal Aid, Medical advise, Children’s Aid.

-To assist families in nutrition education and other preventative public health issues.

-To mentor the youth and steer them away from delinquency, drugs and crime by creating after school programs and recreational projects.

-To educate the community about the seriousness of domestic abuse and it’s implications, by conducting periodic workshops, printing leaflets and also bringing in outside expertise.

-To assist the community in skills and language training.